Saturday, October 3, 2015

Craftsy Class - Catherine Pooler

Prior to packing up and moving, I purchased a Craftsy Class - a techniques class from Catherine Pooler.  Naturally, with the move, the purchase was forgotten and it just came to back to my memory this week.  I pulled out my box of unused stamps/dies and whatnot - it is actually several boxes now, as you can see below.  The angle of the photo is very flattering to the actual amount of stuff piled up, I will need to remember the angle for the next time I am in a photo!

I am enjoying Catherine's easy teaching style and learning to do so many new things or looking at old things from a different perspective.  I am only a little over half way through the class, but I cannot believe all the things I have done.  Thought I would share (but I cannot tell you how I made the cards, you will need to take the class and have Catherine show you)!  I also loaded another two cards to the Craftsy Project area, so much fun.

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  1. Very nice job on your class! Looking forward to seeing what you do next :))))