Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Card Class 2013 - Day 4

I loved the card ideas shared in class, especially the idea of stamping the same stamp multiple times in different inks.  I also liked the idea of using non-traditional colors - who knew "orange" was a Christmas color?

I do have to show the back of the card - which was supposed to be the front of the card, but I failed to overlap my first few stamps.  I do not know why I feel the need to show my mistakes, but it turned out to be a cute card back.  I cannot wait for tomorrow's class!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holiday Card Workshop - Day 3

It is the end of the weekend, and I have finally caught up with the week of online card class.  I love the new pacing - I feel so "accomplished" when I can keep up with the class.

Today's card is copied from Shari Carroll's lesson - reminding me to use the stamp positioner that I have stashed in the closet.

Now I am off to watch the end of the last football game tonight - so far every single one of my teams has lost today - but I still have hope!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Day Card Class 2013, Lesson 2

I am so glad I have never made a card video – the words I used making this inlay card were not for public consumption!  Jennifer McGuire made it look so very easy, but as I inlaid every little teeny tiny green piece in the bow and getting my fingers stuck to the adhesive or turning the pieces sideways, I could not help but think - I made the wrong card.

It is a sweet little card, and appears so harmless now, but do not let it fool you!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Card Class - Day 1, Card 2

Here is the second card I made for the first day of the Online Card Class.  This time it is a z-fold card - with a light gold stamping on the navy cardstock.  I love how the banner looks like it continues to the inside.  This card is from the template/project presented by Jennifer McGuire - plus she suggested using ornaments in her video, so I did.  I still cannot believe that I will be mailing these cards in a few weeks - however, this class is making it easy.  Too bad the teachers cannot help with getting my shopping done!

Holiday Card Class 2013 – Day 1, Card 1

I am taking another Online Card Class – hoping to get in the holiday spirit.  This is my first card, technique and layout taken directly from Kristina Werner.  It is a cute little gift card holder using a Darcie’s stamp set along with the “tin pin” embellishments that cover the faces (such a time saver)!

Here is a picture of the inside, to show the gift card holder made with washi tape and vellum card stock: