Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Journey is the Goal

Over the past year, I have attended (either in person or online) three classes related to working with canvas frames.  I really enjoy these classes, working with paints, textiles and techniques that I have never had experience with.  I cannot say I like the “works of art” that I create, but I love the creative process building them, plus I enjoy meeting the amazing people – both teachers and the students.  So I decided to share pictures of those canvases, to remember the fun that I had.
My class last week in Berkeley at Scrapbook Territory was a wonderful experience – I had incredible tablemates who really made the class fun!  My kudos to the teacher as well, she was patient (we broke the stapler and we do not know how we did it, but I am pretty sure that was not an “extra spring” we found) and encouraging, urging us to get inky and covered in paint!  The top canvas in the picture is my work and the others below to my tablemates (they are a talented lot)!

The previous class to this was with the talented May Flaum at Stampers Corner in Elk Grove.  She brought a ton of paints, doodads and whatnot to the class – gave us the basic instruction and let us go.  It was amazing how different each of the students work came out – each unique but made with the same materials.

Finally, going back in time is the first class, a technique canvas I made through Online Card Classes with Jennifer McGuire.  This class is still available, although not “live” anymore – but it teaches you how to use a variety of inks, paints and techniques.

These classes have taught me that the finished art is not the goal, but the journey to create is!

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